Department for Work & Pensions (Jobs Centre Plus) in South London

Between 2012 and 2015 The D Foundation was engaged by the Department for Work & Pensions, via the Job Centre Plus in South London, to complete three successive projects. The objective of the projects was to Mentor three groups of 50 unemployed individuals whom wanted to enter the creative industries. These projects were delivered with a significant success rate.

  • 57% went into work within the Creative industries
  • 26% went on to Further Education
  • 9% started up their own business
  • 8% decided the industry wasn't for them and went on to get a job in another industry.

What are our mentees currently achieving after working with The D Foundation?

Client A for creative industries - Part of the Foundations fashion team. Now Features Editor at Elle Japan.

Client B - Couldn’t afford to finish his degree so came to work in the Foundation’s magazine, now creative director of Grazier magazine.

Client C - Came from JCP, became the face of Vodafone on billboards across the country. She’s now in talks with Channel 4 to become one of there new presenters.

Client D Worked as part of the fashion team. Head hunted by Vivienne Westwood and now runs a successful business designing handbags.

Client E Sent to visit the police because afraid he was going to get into a gang - he ticked every box black, male, gay and from a single parent. Worked with us for several months, he was then picked up by the X factor after which he went on to style the golden globes.

Client F was part of the music team, now part of the Warners Music team, promoting the best of up and coming bands.

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