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The D Foundation is a registered charity within England & Wales, founded for the purpose of supporting young people to enter the creative industries. Young people get the chance to learn their craft and be mentored by industry experts at ASBO Magazine, based in the Elephant and Castle, London. 

How we Work: 

Young people come to our offices and work alongside a small team of dedicated professionals from ASBO Magazine. They undertake training and develop their skills. They then use those skills to create real products, which are promoted in the magazine. Young people learn how to generate ideas and inspiration from a brief through to implementation, to develop and deliver content that truly engages with target audiences across multiple media platforms. Where appropriate, learning is topped up with personalized work experience, mentoring and industry master classes, in order to match young people's career ambitions. 

Why we do what we do:

Over the past decade there has been a growing concern in the UK and Internationally, about the failure of education systems to prepare young people for work. In our experience, many of the opportunities afforded to young people depend not only on what they know but who they know. As a result many feel blocked from the industry. We tackle this challenge by bringing the practical experience of industry to young people before they enter the industry. 

We provide a mentoring programme and work placement opportunities to young people to better prepare them for work and life in the creative industries. 

What we stand for:

Hands on - We believe the best way to learn how is through doing something practical: write a review; interview a band: create a website; do a photo-shoot or design a dress and much more. We call that talent making and we think everyone should have the opportunity to do it. 

Accessible to all - We don't think everyone should be a fashion designer or journalist, but we do think everyone should have the chance to discover that they could be. 

Fun - We believe our fun approach to what we do is why young people want to work with us. 

Our Details: 

Company number: 4638968

Charity number: 1101179

Office Address: 32-36 Loman Street, Southwark, London, SE1 0EH

ASBO Magazine: 8th Floor, Hannibal House, London, SE1 6TE

For further information on our history, mission statement and successes please see the other subpages under the about us section.

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