Our History and Mission Statement

The D Foundation was established by Davide Wheller (Founder of ASBO Magazine) as a charity with the purpose of "to address the issue of young unemployed people unable to find suitable training and hands-on experience outside of established educational centres, such as University or College". Through our parent company, (D Publishing Media) young people looking for work in the creative industries get the chance to work on the production and design of ASBO Magazine, conduct interviews and work on ASBO TV and have fun!  

The D Foundation is based in London, for the access to the creative and fashion industries which is paramount to its ability to deliver its charitable mission, though is primarily focused on assisting young people eager to gain traction within the industry.The Charity works with creative colleges & universities, local authorities, employment support providers, youth engagement charities and corporate partners. Together with ASBO Magazine, The D Foundation has the potential to significantly engage with, and drive, the fashion and creative industries within the United Kingdom and beyond.

Our Mission Statement

To advance the skills and employment opportunities of young people wanting to work in the creative industries. 

We think it is essential that: 

  1. All young people, regardless of background, get the chance to express their creative talents in the industry
  2. Young people are equipped for employment 

We pursue our mission through three main activities: 

  1. We provide structured work based learning to unemployed and underemployed young people looking to break into the creative industries. Young people get the chance to produce a bi-monthly title called ASBO Magazine 
  2. We mentor young people to 'do the job before they get the job' and focus on soft skills and business skills
  3. Raising money to pay for our work with young people 

Our success

In the first few years of existence, The D Foundation has generated significant traction, proven our operating model, and successfully secured public funding which has had a marked, and measured, positive effect on not only the youth and young adults, but also the fashion and creative industries on a global scale.

Some of our many highlights are:

From 2012 to 2015 The D Foundation carried out a project funded by Job Centre Plus in South London to mentor unemployed youth with an interest in the fashion and creative arts. The outcomes were significant:

  • 57% went into work within the Creative industries
  • 26% went on to Further Education
  • 9% started up their own business
  • 8% decided the industry wasn't for them and went on to get a job in another industry.

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